Highland Stag Wise Stag Ponies on the Mynd Wild Pony Having a Giraffe Through the Mist Lazy White Tiger Young Buck Hard Stare Well Hello There Red Squirrel Mother & Child Donkeys Red Stag Rabbit Waiting Baby Elephant Playing in the Sand Happy Ram Highland Cow Resting Longhorn Arctic & Red Fox Mountain Hares Blush Highland Cow 'Nearly There' Smile They Are Taking Our Photo You Can Stand Up Now They've Gone

Fallow Stag

Highland Stag

Wise Stag

Red Stag Waiting

Young Buck

Hard Stare

Lazy White Tiger


a Giraffe

Well Hello There

Highland Cow Resting

Blush Highland Cow ‘Nearly There’


Wild Pony

Ponies on the Mynd

Through the Mist

Jacobs Sheep Protective Shadow Mountain Hare in the Snow Happy Alpaca Family of Otters

Jacob Sheep

Happy Ram

Mother & Child Donkeys

Red Squirrel

Arctic & Red Fox

Rabbit Waiting

Mountain Hares

Mountain Hare

in the Snow

Smile they are taking our photo

You Can Stand Up Now They’ve Gone

Happy Alpaca

Family of Otters

Baby Elephant Playing in the Sand

Protective Shadow

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Links Stags in The Glen

Stags in the Glen

Norfolk Ram

Norfolk Ram

George we are not playing hide & seek

George We are Not

Playing Hide & Seek

Nestled In The Snow

Nestled in

the Snow