Deep in the forest next to a rather large old oak tree appeared the village of the Yabbahonies. To you and me it would just look like a cluster of uninteresting mushrooms spread out along the undergrowth of the tree. However, if you looked closer this was not an ordinary group of wild mushrooms. You would have to look very closely - remain fixed on the spot, almost as still as the old oak tree itself and then only if the wind blew low and the moonlight was just at the right height  could you catch glimpses of little heads starting to appear in the doorways of the mushroom stems.

Very helpful and happy creatures by nature. Their appearance is like that of a fairy crossed with an elf, except their wings are more butterfly like compared to the other fairies. They have pointy ears and are generally long and slender in build, well most are anyway.

Now you’re wondering how come you’ve never seen them, well, that’s because their village disappears every full moon and then reappears somewhere else. As this is no ordinary village it is protected by a magical vale, that helps keep the Yabbahonies safe from harm and been left behind when the village moves on.

Have you ever noticed how mushrooms seem to be there one minute and gone the next. That's because they’re magical,  well the ones the Yabbahonies live in are.

Anita Parkhill - Artist Anita Parkhill - Artist Anita Parkhill - Artist

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